The story

Movie Indications (continued)

Relevant facts after the Cold War

  • Hotel Rwandaby Terry George with Don Cheadle
  • My Dear Companion, by Norman Rene
  • The twin towers from Oliver Stone
  • Silicon Valley Pirates from Martyn Burke
  • A cry of freedom from Richard Attenborough
  • The Queen by Stephen Frears, about Queen Elizabeth II at events after the death of Princess Diana.

Brazilian films about the history of Brazil

Great Monarchs and Leaders

  • Ajuricaba (movie) by Oswaldo Caldeira, with Paulo Villaça
  • Lamarca, by Sérgio Rezende, with Paulo Betti and Carla Camurati
  • Jango, by Silvio Tendler (documentary)
  • 24 Frames Janium, by Luiz Alberto Pereira
  • The JK Years, by Silvio Tendler (documentary)
  • The good bourgeois by Oswaldo Caldeira, with José Wilker
  • The Old Man - the story of Luis Carlos Prestes, by Toni Venturi
  • Forever Paguwith Carla Camurati
  • Change Brazil from Oswaldo Caldeira
  • Olga, by Jayme Monjardim
  • Independence or death, by Carlos Coimbra, with Tarcísio Meira, Glória Menezes, Kate Hansen and Dionísio Azevedo
  • Carlota Joaquina, Princess of Brazil, by Carla Camurati, with Marieta Severo and Marco Nanini
  • Tiradentes, the movie, by Oswaldo Caldeira, with Humberto Martins
  • The Inconfidents, by Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
  • Tiradentes, the Martyr of Independenceby Geraldo Vietri
  • Sergeant Getúliowith Lima Duarte
  • Getulio Vargas, by Ana Carolina
  • Caramuru - The Invention of Brazil, by Guel Arraes

Wars and revolutions

  • Revolution of 30, by Sylvio Back (documentary)
  • The Country of Lieutenants, by João Batista de Andrade
  • Straw War, by Sérgio Rezende, with Cláudia Abreu
  • Peeled War, by Sylvio Back
  • Brazilian war, by Sylvio Back (documentary)
  • Anahy from Las Misiones, by Sérgio Silva
  • Joana Angelica, by Walter Lima Jr.
  • Quilombo, by Cacá Diegues
  • The Republic is born, by Roberto Moreira
  • What is this fellow?, by Bruno Barreto, with Pedro Cardoso
  • Forward Brazil, by Roberto Freitas
  • Blood Baptism, by Helvécio Ratton
  • The Battle of Guararapes, by Paulo Thiago
  • Hans Staden, by Luis Alberto Pereira
  • Netto Lose His Soul, with Werner Schünemann

Culture and science

  • Scented Ball, by Paulo Caldas and Lírio Ferreira
  • Auriverde Radio, by Sylvio Back (documentary)
  • Ingenuity boy, by Walter Lima Jr.
  • Abolition, by Zozimo Bulbul
  • Gaijin, Paths of Freedom, by Tizuka Yamasaki
  • The Quatrilho, by Fábio Barreto, with Glória Pires and Patricia Pillar
  • Ganga Zumba, by Cacá Diegues
  • xica da Silva, by Cacá Diegues
  • Chico Rei, by Walter Lima Jr.
  • Downworldwith Simone Spoladore, Caco Ciocler and others
  • Villa-Lobos, a life of passion, by Zelito Viana, with Marcos Palmeira, Antonio Fagundes, Marieta Severo and Leticia Spiller.


  • The Liberation Church, by Silvio Da-Rin
  • Anchieta, Jose from Brazil, by Paulo Cesar Saraceni
  • Jacobin's Passion, by Fábio Barreto, with Leticia Spiller, Thiago Lacerda


  • Goat Marked to Die, by Eduardo Coutinho
  • They don't wear black tiesby Leon Hirszman
  • The Shot That Changed History, by Ricardo Nauenberg, TVE (video of the play)
  • Parahyba Male Womanby Tizuka Yamazaki with Walmor Chagas
  • The Discovery of Brazil, by Humberto Mauro (documentary)
  • Prison Memories, by Nelson Pereira dos Santos
  • The Guarani, by Norma Bengell, with Márcio Garcia and Tatiana Issa
  • Pindorama, by Arnaldo Jabor
  • Guarani Republic, by Sylvio Back
  • The jungle filmmakerby Aurélio Michiles (documentary)

TV Series

  • The House of Seven Women, by Jayme Monjardim, based on the book of the same name by Leticia Wierzchowski, tells the story of Bento Gonçalves; with Camila Morgado, Werner Schünemann, Thiago Lacerda, Eliane Giardini, Nivea Maria, Daniela Escobar and Luis Mello.
  • Mad Maria, by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, based on the homonymous work by Márcio Souza, with Ana Paula Arósio, Tony Ramos, Antônio Fagundes
  • Chiquinha Gonzaga, by Jayme Monjardim, with Regina Duarte
  • One heart, by Carlos Manga, with Ana Paula Arósio, Edson Celulari, Eliane Giardini, among others.
  • August, Paulo José's miniseries, based on the eponymous book by Rubem Fonseca, with Carlos Vereza, José Mayer, Vera Fischer
  • JK, miniseries by Maria Adelaide Amaral and Alcides Nogueira on the life of the great president Juscelino kubtschek de Oliveira.
  • Amazon, from Galvez to Chico Mendes by Glória Peres on the history of Acre
  • The wall, by Maria Adelaide Amaral, with Leandra Leal, Tarcísio Meira, Vera Holtz.
  • The Fifth of Hell, by Antonio Calmon. On the life of Dom Pedro I.
  • Dear friends. by Maria Adelaide Amaral. About the reunion of Leo and his friends who lived the lead years and returned from exile.


  • World History Part Iby Mel Brooks
  • The Young Years of a Queen, by Ernst Marischka
  • Your Majesty, Mrs. Brown
  • Havana by Sydney Pollack with Richard Gere and Lena Olin
  • 1941, a very crazy war, by Steven Spielberg
  • Casablanca, by Michael Curtiz, with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman