The story

Legend of the Caipora

The legend of Caipora is very evident throughout Brazil, is present from the indigenous, and it is from them that this myth emerged. According to many tribes, especially those of the Tupi-Guarani Linguistic Trunk, Caipora was an entity that had as its function and gift the control and keeping of the forests, and everything that existed in it. With contact with other non - indigenous civilizations, this deity was quite modified in its interpretation, being seen as an evil creature. As time goes by many people still continue to report its appearance, this is mostly with people inside the woods, the place where caipora inhabits.

According to people who have seen Caipora, the characteristics vary and your impression of them may vary depending on whether Caipora wants to disturb or help the person.

Many people claim that Caipora is a dark-haired, Indian-like boy with red eyes and hair, his feet turned back. Other people say he looks like a little Indian has a spear, a pipe, other people describe him just like previous models but with only one eye.

Caipora has the power to resurrect any dead animal without his permission, for that only tells the animal to resurrect. Because it is so fast sometimes people just feel Caipora as if it were a gust of wind in the bush. To enter a forest with Caipora's permission, one should always carry an offering to her, like a Piece of Roll Smoke, a pipe. Caipora makes a shrill sound that causes shivers and dread to all who hear him. In some regions of Brazil Caipora is known as the Curupira.